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Getting drunk is so overrated

Hi guys!

Just some encouragement to anyone who's still in the very beginning of sobriety. It gets easier. I promise. I know it might not feel like it right now. Each day that goes by the cravings start to lessen and eventually you can go grocery shopping without drooling all over the liquor isle. I was recently talking to sister number #2 about how alcohol used to dominate our thoughts. Every dinner, brunch, or hang out with a friend was never fully about enjoying our friends and truly listening to what they had to say or what they were going through. We tried to do that, but the time would become dominated with thoughts of trying not to drink so fast to keep at everyone else's pace, or staring at the wine bottle and hoping that it's not empty--and if it's almost empty, hoping that your friends will want to order another round--and another. Pretty soon once the good buzz was going, dinner wasn't about enjoying the company of my friends...or listening to what issues were going on in their lives or focusing on how I could be a good friend to them. My mind was so focused on keeping my buzz, and never letting it leave. It's never enough is it? Now that I don't drink when I'm with my friends, I can be the best version of myself. The one that people actually want to be around. Drunk me is sloppy and not classy in the slightest. Sober me is goofy, kind and caring. All of my friends would 150 percent agree that sober me is much more pleasant to be around.

Does this mean everyday is just a walk in the park? No way. Of course there are times where my alchy brain tells me that wine would taste amazing with my dinner and that nothing bad would happen. Or the stupid brain messages that tell you that being buzzed is the only way you can feel good. Such a lie! It only prolongs any problems that we're scared of dealing with. We need to remember this! And the longer we go in sobriety, the fewer and less frequent these tricky little messages seem to happen.

Let's take alcohol down!!!

Sister # 2...I love that you are experiencing real joy in life again. Life is too short and too beautiful to waste on being numb and in a fog. Am I right?

much love


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