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We are two sisters who are four years apart in age and who have both had a tough go with the monster that was alcohol in our lives. It took many wake up calls and horrendous nights for us to finally decide to give it up for good. I am sister number 2 and can honestly say that I would not be able to stay sober without the support of sister #1 in this journey with me. We tried for a long time to try and manage our drinking, not wanting to admit that cutting it out for good would be our only option. Two blacked out DUI's ending with the totaling of our cars still wasn't enough to make us think we needed to stop for good. The similarity of our situations is honestly a little freaky. Sister #2 is truly the only person who understands what I am dealing with because she went through the same exact thing months before me. The circumstances could have broken us, but instead we have decided to lean on each other and charge full throttle into life as sober sissies! This journey is not easy, but it is a lot easier with someone alongside who gets it.
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