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Cheers to TWO YEARS!

Hi guys! Sister #1 here. Its been WAY too long since I’ve posted. Today marks a very special day. It’s sister #2’s TWO YEAR Birthday!!!!!! WOW. so amazing. 2 years ago, #2 decided enough was enough! and she's stuck with it, every step of the way since. What an incredible accomplishment. Yesterday, we were just talking about how year 1 of sobriety was a lot harder for us than year 2. Now that we’re both getting into year two, we feel like we’re in more of a groove now. That sweet spot. Life is no longer chaos. We can wake up each morning and feel peace in the core of who we are. And no, it's not always rainbows and roses in sobriety, but we’re FREE. And we’re SANE (for the most part.) It's not fun to think about, but we never liked the people we were when we were drinking. We couldn’t be proud of ourselves. We couldn’t love the people around us in a healthy way, and we definitely couldn’t love ourselves. I rarely remember a night of drinking where I got away with drinking “just like everyone else.” We’re not like the normies. And won’t ever be. And that’s OKAY! Today I can truly say that we are both HAPPY. Now we can be fully present and aware of all the beauty around us, even in the humdrum day to day routine of life.

My sister is a beautiful representation of honesty, perseverance, love, and self- respect. It has been SO cool to watch how she has transformed into a confident, strong, selfless woman, full of life and joy….who still has so much fun without alcohol. This year we're spending the money we would've already spent on booze and taking a celebration/getaway trip to New Mexico. We hear the coffee is good:)

I know this is a short one, I'll write more soon! Here’s to another year sissy! I can’t wait to see what year 3 has in store for us! Cheers! (clinking a La Croix) Sissy #1

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