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Nearing the 6 month mark!

Hi guys.

Wow I haven't posted in a really long time! I miss this! First things first, I wanted to say that sister #2 is coming up to her 6 month mark in just 2 DAYS. Is that incredible or what?! Half a year! I'm trailing behind...Oct 1st will mark my 6 months:) Wow. We would've never been able to grasp this concept when we were drinking. 1 week used to seem like an eternity. Even 1 day. It used to feel hopeless and impossible to make it to this place. But it's happening! I am so thankful that we have good things to look forward to in life. My future boyfriend/husband/kids will never have to see me as a sloppy drunk who is obsessed with booze. Praise god!!! The reality is....1 drink is never ever ever enough. I am such a crazy obsessive drinker once I get started. This is something I have to remind myself of. Normal drinking is absolutely out of the question for me. I've been to a couple events lately where everyone was drinking but me.I still had fun, believe it or not! I used to not be able to imagine have a good time without a drink in my hand. Then later I would turn out to be the one sneaking more and trying to cover up how much and how fast I was drinking. What a trip.

These days it's so freeing to fill up the day with good things. Yoga, reading, working out, baking. This sure beats killing a bottle of wine every night when I get home from work and being the least productive person on the planet. Another cool thing I've noticed is that I have been able to own being a recovering alcoholic a little bit more than I used to be able to. I recently just shared about my alcoholism with my supervisor at my internship. This may not work for everyone. But, I felt like she is a very safe/understanding person, and she encourages us to be as open as possible in our supervision meetings as we talk about our process of growth in this past year. We started talking about "self-care" and the things we do to "leave work at work" when we get home. My supervisor brought up happy hour as an example of unwinding with friends. When it came to be my turn to share, for some reason I had the courage to say, "Last year was when I realized I had a real drinking problem." I went on to say that I rationalized my drinking and was using it to de-stress after work to help lessen my anxiety...which was bullshit. Instead it only added more anxiety and more problems. Seeing how receptive and accepting my supervisor was when I told her was like a huge breath of fresh air. Now I feel like she knows what I have been struggling with this past year, and is super supportive of my sobriety. So cool!

Living with sister #1 is the best. goodbye wine binges...hello icecream binges (which we're working on) haha. I love the people we're becoming sissy. And I love you!!!! Cheers to 6 months!


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