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New Beginnings

Well its official!! #1 and I are roomies!!! :) The past few days have been super busy with packing, unpacking, and all the other fun sweaty stuff that comes with moving into a new place. I am so excited! I have not yet moved my bed from my other apartment so I slept on the floor my first night in our new place, but it still felt so much like home. Our youngest sister came over and we all ate Chinese food on the floor and splurged on three pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream We found a little coffee shop nearby that I think will be my new favorite hangout spot. I can't wait to find all our other favorite shops and restaurants. This very much feels like a new beginning for both of us and I don't think the timing could be any more perfect. Speaking of timing, today is #1's 100 days of SOBRIETY!!!!!!!! As we've mentioned before, she is 4 days behind me so all of our big milestones will be close together. For my 100 days she got me a beautiful bracelet that has the words, "It is well with my soul" written on it. That has always been one of my favorite hymns and I think it translates so perfectly into the lifestyle of sobriety and finding that peace within your soul. I will be reminded each time I wear it that I am on the right path. My heart can find rest knowing that I will never have that moment of panic waking up somewhere that I don't recognize, or without my car keys, or without my purse, or phone, or any other important personal belonging that I have had to replace far too many times. Thank you #1 for this beautiful reminder of the peace and rest within me! I know I already told you, but I just love it so much!

Fun fact of the day: We just discovered that if you have a DUI in the past 10 years you can't travel to Canada. WHO KNEW??? We are leaving Friday for an Alaskan cruise with our entire family and one of the stops is Victoria, Canada. We are going to try to get off the boat and see what happens, but at least we are prepared for the possibility to be turned away. Wow, our alcohol problems are even keeping us out of visiting another country. How sad is that. We can only hope for the best and keep making positive choices that make our drinking days feel further and further away. Cheers to new beginnings #1! I am so happy to be on this journey with you.


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