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100 DAYS FOR SISTER #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!

So as you can tell by the title, today is 100 DAYS for sister #2. How fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this amazing or what? Into the triple digits! Sissy, you are living with such happiness and peace now. It makes me want to cry. You're honestly my hero.

I want to rewind a little bit. I want to give you guys another little glimpse into who we were, and where we are now. Rewind to a few months after my DUI last year. I had told myself after I got out of that disgusting jail cell that I would never drink again. And I meant it. But unfortunately I wasn't able to do that. I was still hooked. Obsessed. I was able to go about 30 days and then I started up again. I had gotten fired from my internship, and I couldn't afford to live on my own anymore with all of the DUI fines I had to pay. I moved back in with my parents. At 27 years old....this wasn't cool. For any of us. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful my parents let me back into their home. But during this time, I couldn't even respect their rules. Obviously sobriety was a rule and condition of living there. But before you know it, I was hiding wine in my room and chugging it whenever I could. I would use it to calm me down and put me to sleep. I even drank before my court mandated AA meetings a few times, just to help "get me through" the meeting. Yikes. How awful is that? I couldn't stand to be alone with my thoughts. I hated myself. About 6 months after my DUI, I was laying in bed after coming home from AA--miserable and depressed. I open my bottle of wine, drink, and fall asleep. Just a normal night it seemed. Until it wasn't. I usually don't check my phone during the middle of the night. But for some reason on this night I did. There were 10 missed calls from one of sister #2's friends telling me that she was arrested for a DUI. My heart sank. This was bad. I really didn't want her to go through what had just happened to me. And could our family handle another DUI? All I kept thinking in my head was....this has to stop. WE have to stop. My breath still smelt like wine as I snuck out of the house in the morning to go see sister #2. I'll never forget this day in our story. I had been wanting to stop drinking, and had felt more out of control than usual lately. This was such a clear message to me that both of us needed to stop. This day is pivotal in our sobriety. 2 DUI's within 6 months of each other. Our lives were falling apart. We were drowning.

So that's some more of the low stuff. Ugh. But I wanted to tell you guys some of this so you can see that the bad doesn't have to keep getting bad. We can stop. Alcohol doesn't have to always control us. Life CAN and DOES get better..... We have to be REALLY ready though. No one can tell you when that is but yourself. Before, I was always one foot in, one foot out. We made excuses for so long. Sister #2 and I sometimes wonder if we hadn't gotten our DUI's, would we have stopped? I wish we had listened sooner. BUT...we still have so much life to live! And the awesome thing is, we're NOT missing out on anything! I love sister #2's honesty about how she spent her last 4th of July, and how much better her sober 4th this year was. Being fully there. Laughing, eating too much, not waking up hung over, and not being a complete idiot? Sign me up!

1 more day till move in day sissy! And this time around, we won't be getting wasted together. What a relief! I can't wait to do things right with you this time!!!!! Happy 100 days sissy. You're DOING this.


Sister #1

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