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Happy 90 days to me!

Well, I'm writing this a day late... but that is just because yesterday (my 90th day of sobriety!!!) was so awesome and jam packed I didn't have a chance to sit down and blog! I was so touched to read #1's post from the day before. I always love how she isn't afraid to tell the brutal truth about some of our past drunken rendezvous. She was absolutely right when she said she didn't have to worry about where I was yesterday because she knew I was hiking and hammocking in Malibu. That is one of the exciting things about my sobriety. I have discovered this whole new appreciation for all things outdoors and I want to spend every day soaking in as much of God's beautiful creation as possible. I was with one of my dearest friends, who used to be another one of my biggest accomplices (besides #1). Now that I have been living my life a lot differently than I have these past few years, my close friends are realizing they need to make adjustments in our plans if they want to spend any time with me. It was recently my birthday, and this friend of mine planned a whole adventure/outdoors/sober day for us because she knew that's what I needed. I was so beyond blessed by all the grand gestures she made to celebrate me and make me feel special. To the left you will see a picture of the birthday present she got me. I thought it was so extremely symbolic that I opened it yesterday, on my 90th day, to symbolize the strength it took to get me that far and the strength I will need to keep going. This necklace is from This is a company based on the act of paying it forward. When you receive a key with a word on it, this is your word. You are meant to embrace it and then pass it on to someone else to empower them. I love that she chose the word "strength" for me. I am going to wear it everyday to remind myself of the strength God has given me to keep pushing forward on this journey. #1-You are almost to your 90 days too!! I want to send you words of encouragement that will empower you with strength to get through these next few days! I am so proud of you and the woman you are becoming. You have already come leaps and bounds from where you were 3 months ago. I love you and would love to celebrate with some Trader Joe's sparkling lemonade soon :) Cheers!!



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